Wrap up of the Retro Game Tournament

Classic Video Game Championship was the last show our company would be attending this year. To say that this year has been a learning experience, is a serious understatement. We started this company sometime in January this year and it’s become such a passion for all 4 of us. It’s a family run business, my two brothers and my sister and I. We have been to the flea market, Red Deer Expo, Edmonton Expo, a fighting game tournament, and finally this last one at NAIT over the course of this weekend.



Classic Video Game Championship is a competition based around old school video games from systems ranging from the Atari to Super Nintendo. This tournament held man different challenges. I competed in one challenge, where the goal was to get as far as you could playing Super Mario World with the right side of the tv hidden. I got to the second castle before I was yanking my hair out. Then a friend of mine showed up and reminded me the first boo house has a hidden boss  that you can fight and it will open the star portal. From there I took off and finished Mario with only half a screen. As lame as it is, I felt so elated and proud of myself. This event made me feel like a little kid again. I must have finished Super Mario a hundred times growing up and still managed to remember a good portion of the game’s secrets, except the boo house.

Anyways the point of this blog isn’t to highlight my own accomplishment, even though it was impressive. It’s to highlight the community of pop culture. Every event Holy Grail Collectors attends is a new experience. Not one event has been the same. Red Deer expo was the first major event we attended and it was all new and fun. From there Edmonton Expo was such a daunting event for our small company, but it became one of the funnest. This last one though was really cool to see, and not because I got to sit there and play old school video games. It was cool because this event made me feel like a kid again. I was sweating, my heart was beating and I was nervous when I could hear the crowd behind me starting to wonder if I could actually beat the game with only half a screen. It made me feel like a kid again, that emotion is so easily forgotten, that I didn’t realize how much I missed it. To feel like a kid again is such a cliche saying, and so hard to find again.  My little brother who is 10 sat for hours playing Donkey Kong on the SNES and it was nice he got to see a piece of my childhood himself. As a company though it was nice seeing how closely related our businesses were with the organizer and our company. They are starting out much like us. It’s cool seeing businesses come together as one trying to grow in this economic downturn. It was visible in all the shows we attended this year, but resilience of the crowd was nice to see. A lot of people were cautious in how they spent their money and still found the motivation to come out and enjoy themselves.

Pop-Culture has a really dedicated and loyal fanbase. The best part of my job is seeing people’s face light up and go back to a time where they were still kids. That emotion of going back to a time where bills, responsibility and money were someone else’s problem is a hard to find again. The innocence of being a kid is something that is lost real easily, especially with the way the world is now. Being able to give people a piece of their childhood and letting them feel that elation again is a big reason why I like selling toys. Its great to see the giddy excitement adults feel at seeing their favorite villains or heroes, as toys. We all love this company even the obstacles we face.

To people who take the time to read our blogs, we really appreciate it. We do it to keep in touch with you guys. Its great to see you guys sometimes comment or see the traffic heading this way. We are planning to produce a lot of web content, christmas sales, and more great toys for our website. We have a lot of cool ideas coming really soon. Thanks for giving this a read!

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