Who is Platonic Bomb?

Hey Guys! This is my first blog post so I’d like to start off by saying that I promise to commit to at least 4 blog posts every month. Yes I know, that doesn’t sound like a lot-but I am currently a full-time student in Fine Art. So I can guarantee you that I am always making art or writing some form of essay. Despite my obvious passions  (such as making art) I really do enjoy reading poetry and listening to music. I try to find time to read everyday and often times pieces of literature do influence my art work, and my thought process throughout the creation. Each piece I create is dear to me because it holds a personal meaning, but ultimately I try to make my art relatable to you.

What else influences my art?

I try to integrate a huge deal of fantasy, I’ve always loved fables, fairy tales and comic books. Reason that being is that I think our ordinary lives can sometimes be a little bland so I like to mentally transport myself to a place where anything is possible-which is through my art or through reading mostly. In the summer I started exploring the inquisition: What is the desire behind people living? I basically wanted to know what got people up and running in the morning or what pushed them through the harsh moments they’re forced to face in life. I started exploring the idea of romance and the longing an individual might have for being loved. I’ll cut myself short as I could go on forever, but I will say my exploration of human emotion is heavily reflected in my art.

I will make my greatest effort to walk you through my thought process throughout each art piece I make or have made in the past and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

-Platonic Bomb 

Jenny Cortez

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