Weekly-Wrap Up: The X-men

Hello fellow nerds,

It’s time for our weekly wrap-up! It’s been a little while since I’ve done this but we are back on track for the new year. We hope everyone had a great holiday break is ready to join for the new year. Much like everyone else, I watched the new Logan trailer and this has left me thinking about the legacy the X-men have left on culture.

The X-men have left such a lasting impact on pop culture and it’s difficult to put into perspective just how large. Recently, I have been watching the old X-men cartoons with my niece and I realized just how great the world remains. Between all the different conflicts they face and the ethical dilemma of their existence, X-men remains one of Marvel’s best properties. In particular, I’m reminded of their struggles and their fight to merely exist. The X-men are the most divisive property that Marvel owns and it is those struggles that make them special. Whether they are standing against oppression or fighting alongside those that would wish to destroy them, this is why these characters still remain so interesting.

Wolverine, Cable, Magneto, Professor X, and most of the other X-men have their special place in the comics and television show (sorry Jubilee). In particular, it’s especially entertaining to see the interactions of the X-men. Whether Cable is trying to eliminate Apocalypse and doesn’t mind stepping on his buddies’ toes, or the the back and forth between Wolverine and Cyclops, the entertainment comes from not just the action but the dialogue as well.

Likewise, it’s fitting that the X-men would be the ones to pave the way for cinema and mainstream media to embrace super hero culture. Just like the X-men from the comics, the first X-men movies introduced these iconic characters to everyone. Professor X and his team demonstrated how it was possible to have a serious comic book movie that both kids and adults could enjoy. It could be argued that if they had not succeeded at the box office, the rise of super heroes on the big screen would not be where it is today. Captain America and his Avengers may not exist as they are today and as a result, perhaps neither would this company. Pop culture is where it is today because of them. Perhaps its this very reason alone, we are happy to have been a part of this journey and acknowledge the path they have paved.

And now, comes the final Wolverine movie. Although there are rumors that Hugh Jackman may yet return as his iconic character, it’s hard not to feel a sense of melancholy that this series evokes. Deadpool and Wolverine may yet share the same screen or new X-men films may come later but the characters that we have all watched since we were kids will soon be saying their farewells. This final movie is for all us fans that have been there since the beginning. On March 3rd, you can bet that we will all be standing in line for the final movie in this epic legacy bub.

We would love to hear what your favorite X-men moment is. Is it a particular panel from a comic, or a scene in a movie. Whatever it is, we would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below or feel free to follow us on the social media of your choosing – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and let us know what you think there too. Until next time, goodbye nerdfam!

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