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We’re writing a new series called – “This Week in Nerd and HGC”. This weekly series is intended to discuss cool announcement, trailer, game news, and other cool stuff that happened in the last week. While we intend to talk about lots of different topics and cool announcements, these are only the things that we stumbled upon that week. If there are things that we missed, feel free to leave a comment down below, or contact us directly on our various social media. Finally, the last section of each wrap-up includes new products that are incoming to our store and insight into any new product or services that we are working on. Without further ado, welcome to our first weekly wrap-up!

I think the winner this week has to go to the last Wolverine movie, Logan. The red-band trailer dropped on Thursday and we are officially excited. Although Fox Studios has released set photos before, the release of the trailer confirmed that they are finally going for a darker tone with Wolverine. Following the success of their R-rated film Deadpool, it seems have finally realized that releasing a grittier take on the X man we grew up watching as kids has aged and faces a new enemy – the end of a franchise. I will definitely be watching this when it releases and I for one hope they keep the same tone as the one established here.


Next up, news broke this week that Justice League finished filming and is now in post production. They also released our first look of Mera, Aquaman’s wife played by Amber Heard. She looks good and the costume design fits with her character from the comics. I’m happy to hear that Justice League is done filming and that everything is going well. As a fan of the DCEU, I’m enjoying the different take on comic book material that DC is presenting on the big screen.I appreciate the serious tone of the their movies and the deeper connotations that come along with that. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that’s known about the plot but one hopes that they can release an official trailer soon to keep teasing how this new superhero world shapes out.

Nintendo dropped the long awaited product reveal today. From the trailer below, its clear to see that this console is different from anything that Nintendo has done in the past. While I like to see Nintendo continue to innovate, the verdict is still out on whether this is a console I’m going to be purchasing personally. The old Nintendo that published all their classics is the Nintendo I remember much more fondly. That glimmer of magic that we remember growing up with just isn’t there any more and they continue to speak to an audience that isn’t me. If Nintendo doesn’t return to what made them the magical company I loved so much before, I don’t know that I will buy one of these devices myself. All that said, I’m at the very least intrigued with what was shown and now we’re just waiting on the announcement on how long the battery life will last……..fingers crossed everyone!


Alright, now the part we talk about ourselves! I am very excited to announce that we have been working with new supply partners and your requests have been heard. We are proud to announce that we will now be selling Digimon Fusion Loaders. These awesome little devices are the new iteration of the popular toy from the early 2000’s. They have added functionality for the newer generation, like the ability to download new Digimon, but these are the same toy you remember as a kid. You still have the ability to link two devices to train and battle against your friends. We are very proud to be able to bring these to you since we have heard how much it would mean to be able to purchase a Digivice like those in the past. We are working on acquiring the legacy Digivices but stay tuned for more cool Digimon merchandise; there is a lot more coming.









Finally, we are happy to announce that we will be attending the Classic Video Game Championships at the Edmonton Nait Main Campus, November 26-27 10:00am – 5:00pm. We love everything the team has done in the past and look forward to support all these guys in the future. Come see us and get your Christmas shopping while you play some Retro and Classic games. There might also be something coming up sooner than that. If everything goes through like we hope, we’re going to be very busy in the coming months.

Thank you for joining us in our first weekly wrap-up! Let us know in the comments what announcement or pop culture news item caught your eye.  Feel free to follow us on the social media of your choosing – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and let us know what you think there too. We’re just a couple thumb taps away

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