Road To Edmonton Expo

I write this at almost midnight, so needless to say, it’s been a busy day. I’m sorry for not posting more blogs sooner, prepping for this event has been our biggest priority and we’re hoping to knock this show out of the park. We have been getting ready for the last week and since the last time I was able to post, there hasn’t been much more than that.  This means that we’ve checked, double checked, and just for good measure, triple checked EVERYTHING. And as always, we do this so that anytime we get the chance to interact with all of you guys, that we’ve been able to provide the best product, service, and knowledge about all the nerdy things we have to offer.


Edmonton Expo looks to be the biggest show Edmonton’s nerds have ever experienced. Star Wars fans should be ecstatic to see the one and only Carrie Fisher in town. I heard a little rumor that she’s coming in for Friday too so anybody with a weekend pass or Friday admission should also be in for a treat. I’ve personally never been one to consider the photo ops but if Kevin Conroy or anyone from the DCEU were to come to town, I would be in there! A man can dream right…?


Lastly, I want to talk a little about our plans after the Edmonton Expo. As a company, we have always had the vision of selling a product that people could believe in. Every time we sell one of our collectibles, we sell a little piece of ourselves in that product and we believe in the happiness that comes with it. We can’t afford to purchase as much merchandise as we would like and so every piece of merchandise that we do purchase, is done so very carefully and thoughtfully. That’s why, if you’ve ever had the chance to talk to my brothers or I, you would know the passion that goes into every item we sell. I love Digimon and I know that it’s never going to be as big as Pokemon, but to me, if I’m able to sell a Digimon figure, I can be confident that they will enjoy it just as much as we have.

That being said, it’s the conversations that we are able to have with likeminded people like yourselves. It’s why we started this company to begin with. Although I can’t say too much, we have been working very hard to find new ways to connect with everyone and I am excited to be able to talk more concretely about our plans in the near future. While this doesn’t mean we will stop selling high quality collectibles, it just means that there will be other ways to bring to those products to you


That’s pretty much it for our Road to the Expo! I’ll be taking plenty of pictures of cosplayers and other vendors while we’re there. Stay tuned for more of our posts since I’ll be posting plenty of stuff in the next few days. Come see us at the Expo if your planning to attend, we are in room H, booth #318.

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