Proud Partnership Annoucement – Good Smile Company!

Hello fam,

We would like to announce we have become official distributors of Good Smile Company products! What this means is we are now partners with one of the biggest toy distributors in the business and this makes us proud to say are growing as a company. This type of partnership and acknowledgement from Good Smile gives us an opportunity to continue to grow as a toy company that is able to provide collectors and casual fans the opportunity to own their favorite figures at an affordable rate. We plan on restocking soon, getting new product on the website, and becoming the number one online toy store in Canada.

For those of you who are not familiar with what toy products Good Smile sells, some of those products include Figma, Megahouse G.E.M., and Nendoroid collectible figures. Some of the characters their toys emulate include Zelda, Link, Mario and Luigi, Sword Art Online, among many others. This is a great opportunity for us to keep bringing you guys, our loyal fanbase, the same great quality of toy brands we take pride in.

Out of all the toy lines that we sell, it is no secret that we take pride in the ability to distribute Good Smile Company products. They are without a doubt a front runner in this industry and continue to delight fans with every release. In particular, their Nendoroid figures are ones that people have appreciated greatly. Whether for their cute aesthetic, their articulate/posable design, or all around quality build, these figures remain one of our most popular brands and personal favorite. 

Although it would be easy to continue talking about the quality of Good Smile Company products, we would rather let everyone else be the judge of these figures themselves.


Make sure to check out our current selection and let us know what products you guys are excited for. Leave a comment below or feel free to follow us on the social media of your choosing – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and let us know what you think there too. Happy reading nerdfam.

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