Movie Review – Logan (spoiler free)

Writing this review has been difficult but not because the film is bad. Let me be clear here: this movie is good. Damn good. It is because of how good the film is and the legacy of the X-men I find myself struggling to write this review.I wrote an earlier piece about the legacy of the X-men and what this movie meant to that legacy (insert hyperlink). Fortunately, James Mangold pays respect beautifully to the franchise and gives lifetime fans of the X-men franchise what they have been waiting for, a film celebrating the relationships of all these characters and a fitting farewell.

Logan is set in world that has one foot in today but one foot walking towards tomorrow. The world is a dark and divided place but not due to a mutant threat. Instead, there are divisions amongst different race groups and people. While it only offers a brief look into what this new world has begun, it paints humanity in a dark light once again as it’s inferred that although mutants are no longer the divisive force they once were, they have since been replaced with a new scapegoat. It should go without saying, Professor Charles and Wolverine are now merely shells of themselves and no longer the beacons of hope they once were.

And this is perhaps were the movie shines best. Logan points its focus in its characters and cashes out the decades of relationships that these characters have built. The back and forth between Wolverine and Professor X  is a highlight here as their interactions will bring both smiles and tears to long-time fans. But the other main highlight in this film is not overshadowed in the least. X-23 or Laura, as she has come to be known, is played beautifully by Dafne Keen. She shoulders the burden of being the main plot point amazingly and delivers in her dialogue/action set pieces. Much like the exchanges amongst Wolverine and Professor X, muted subtle tones speak volumes of the pain she has gone through and shines in her interactions with the rest of the cast. This films understands what it is and finally decides to cash out our investment as fans and adults. Likewise, it also manages to do during it’s action pieces.

As mentioned before, the unique postmodern setting also dictates the pace of the action. The action is intense and as gruesome as you ever thought a Wolverine movie could be. This movie rightfully deserves its R-Rating and does it’s best to demonstrate that this film understands its audience but also the intensity of their situations. Logan does a fantastic job reducing the use of special effects and stays true to it’s grounded approach. This is not to say that the set pieces lack in any way but that they paint a more mature conflict that does not have the room to be padded with superfluous effects. Action fans will not be disappointed.

Many questions linger by the time the credits roll and while some may view this as problematic, I commend Fox Studios and James Mangold for keeping true to their vision. This film’s intent is not to build a future to the next entry to the franchise, but more so, bid farewell to the past and present of the X-men. Although I found this less of a concern, it is worth mentioning that many people be left wondering how this film and franchise will be followed up.


The action and movie setting makes this movie worth watching alone. Not shying away from its R-rating, it entertains viewers with great dialogue and phenomenal set pieces. Gore and blood are here in spades so mature audiences will be entertained regardless. However, while anybody with a liking for action films will enjoy Logan, this movie is for those that have been around from the beginning. From the top of the Statue Of Liberty, to the depths of Days of Future Past, this movie wastes no time informing the viewer that this world is ready to move on and with it, the x-men.

We recommend whole-heartedly that everyone who has ever been a fan of the X-men series watch this film. You owe yourself that much to make time for the end of this journey. We give this film 9.75/10 grails. 

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